Jaya Devi Cholayil

Director - Cholayil Group

Empowering artisans, uplifting the down-trodden & bringing ancient Indian arts to the world Jaya Devi started her journey as an entrepreneur with a very clear mission. To build a business that can support the crafts of India and empower under privileged women, while promoting a sustainable lifestyle. She was unfailing in her belief that to build a model that is long-lasting, the business must be self-supporting and completely indigenous. Today, under the Jullaaha umbrella, Jaya Devi provides an opportunity for artisans to find a market for their work and through this effort creates a steady stream of income for them. She also supports the training and employment of impoverished, local women and helps raise their families from dire poverty. As a result, her brand is loved and respected as much for its all-natural personal care products and authentic, Indian, handcrafted textiles as it is for its work in bettering the lives of the down-trodden. Not satisfied with the outstanding work that team Jullaaha has done in supporting artisans, in improving the lives of impoverished women and in promoting a sustainable lifestyle; Jaya Devi and her loyal team have also undertaken a host of sustained efforts to make a difference across the state of Tamil Nadu. > Jaya Devi is a proponent of organic farming and uses every opportunity to promote tree planting. At Vengal, the family farm a team of 80 women have been provided with sustainable employment opportunities through her organic manure scheme. > Jaya Devi also runs a special coaching class program for students of Naval Kuppam village, near the family farm, every weekend. The guidance of professional teachers has made a massive difference in the lives of these students and she has been approached by a neighbouring village to extend her services across a wider area. > Apart from her hands-on approach on the farm and its neighbouring villages, she also donates a significant part of her time and regular funds to support old age homes such as the Akshaya Trust.